Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leadership Vote - Results

I know everyone has eagerly been awaiting the numbers.

Total ballots sent out, just over 11,600.

Total ballots cast 8297; so roughly 71.5 % voter turnout.

Smith 6295

Dyrholm 1905

Spoiled ballots 97

Big thank you to the 20+ volunteers who put in a long day and were unable to take part in the events of the day.


Ken Chapman said...

Wow - a 75% support level for Smith. Impressive and a level that Premier Stelmach needs from the PC AGM vote in a couple of weeks.

Thx for inviting me in your midst to talk politics and social media at your Leadership Convention. I had scads of fun and enjoyed meeting ands sharing with the impressvie number of people who came to my session.

Werner Patels said...

I was really miffed when I didn't get my ballot in time. I did eventually get it in the mail on Wednesday and express-posted it back to WAP.

Glad that Danielle won -- she WAS the best candidate hands-down!

Princess said...

Thank you Jane,Heather, and all of the office staff for an outstanding effort! This weekend was a great success.