Saturday, May 30, 2009

Calgary Glenmore WAP Nomination

The Calgary Glenmore Constituency Association has advised their nomination date has been set for Tuesday June 23 rd.

If you would like more information contact us at the office during business hours and we will put you in touch with the appropriate constituency contact.

Have a great weekend everyone !!

I am off to walk my daughter down the aisle!!

Toll free: 1-888-262-1888
Phone: (403) 769-0992
Fax: 1-866-620-4791

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wildrose Alliance Party Leadership Race 2009

At this very moment the following letter is being stuffed and mailed out to members.

On April 21 of this year, our leader Paul Hinman announced his intention to step down as party leader at our upcoming AGM on June 5th and 6th. A leadership convention and vote has been scheduled for October 17, 2009 in Edmonton. The venue will be announced at a later date.

Our party has a one member one vote system for selecting our leader. To be a member you must be a resident of Alberta, be at least 16 years of age and pay the appropriate fee.

In order to vote in the leadership race, you must be a member in good standing by October 2nd, 2009. Mail-in ballots will be sent to all members. You may return your ballot via mail or attend the convention in person to vote.

The following is from Paul Hinmans’ announcement of April 21st: "I am accountable to Albertans and our party members and I believe this is the best decision for our party and ultimately for our Province. I extend the greatest appreciation to those who have supported our party and myself in the past. Be assured I will continue to work with the Wildrose Alliance and Albertans in whatever capacity I can to make the greatest possible contribution to restore the Alberta Advantage and prosperity to the people of Alberta."

This is an exciting time of growth and change for our party. We look forward to a competitive leadership race with some dynamic candidates vying for the role of leading our party into the next general election. Watch our website for future leadership events as the campaign unfolds.

Leadership Committee

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hope you like being cozy....

Stewie our dog is quite happy the road trips are done for now. Not sure which he dislikes more; sitting in the car while we are at meetings or being left at home alone.

All in all, they were a success. Great turnouts in the urban areas; smaller in the rural, but met some really great people. Like Rick, he owns a gas station and pub on a secondary highway. He has a sign outside begging for Ralph to come back. When I went inside to chat with him, he explained what we really need is the Wildrose Alliance. I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when I told him who I was. The man was beside himself that I actually stopped in. I left him with a number of brochures and my card; I suspect the pub will be "a buzz" for awhile.

Now, back to the topic at hand...being cozy. The AGM registrations are coming in hard and heavy.

It wasn't that long ago that we deliberated the venue. You want to book enough room, but keep costs in line with anticipated turn out. We have a venue that can comfortably fit 150 and up to 200 if needed. Well, if this week is any indication we will be closer to the latter figure and it is too late in the game to find a bigger venue. (Especially during the grad/wedding season)

So it will be an excellent opportunity to snug-up and make new friends.... and there will be a number of new faces in the crowd. Including as I understand it, a couple of leadership "hopefuls".

Some additional speakers have been confirmed.

Friday night line up includes:

Nadeam Esmail,
Wilf Gobert,
John Carpay.

Saturday lunch: Danielle Smith.
Saturday dinner: Tom Flanagan.

All these great speakers, plus three meals, well worth the registration fee.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More venues confirmed....

Next week's circuit of Taber, Brooks and Strathmore now have confirmed venues, as follows:

May 19 – Tuesday – Taber
Heritage Inn,
4830 - 46 Avenue, HWY #3
7:00 PM

May 20 – Wednesday – Brooks
Heritage Inn,
1217 - 2 Street West
7:00 PM

May 21 – Thursday – Strathmore
Nightingale Community Hall
Nightingale (5 minutes north of Strathmore)
7:00 PM

... Don't forget this week we will be in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge;

May 13 – Wednesday – Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat Lodge
1051 Ross Glen Drive, SE
7:00 PM

May 14 – Thursday – Lethbridge
Lethbridge Lodge
320 Scenic Drive South
7:00 PM

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're heading your way - Southern Alberta

Last night in Calgary we had a very successful townhall meeting. Over 50 people attended, predominantly new faces coming out to learn about us, which is very exciting. In a previous post I mentioned we have had three individuals express an interest in obtaining more information on the leadership race when it becomes available. Two of those three were in attendance last night; they are both very excited and chomping at the bit.

To say we have been very busy the last two weeks would be a drastic understatement. One of the things keeping me busy is the training of our newest full-time employee, Daniela. Luckily she is a quick study and eager to help out any way she can; including processing membership inquiries, contributions and of course AGM registrations.

Her joining us now was perfectly timed as we have been churning out 30 to 50 new or renewing members per day this week. Also Daniela will be very capable at “holding down the fort” as Paul and I hit the road again over the next two weeks.

Here is what we have lined up:

May 13 – Wednesday

Medicine Hat Lodge
1051 Ross Glen Drive, SE
7:00 PM

May 14 – Thursday

Lethbridge Lodge
320 Scenic Drive South
7:00 PM

After the May long weekend we will be stopping in the smaller towns.

May 19 – Tuesday – Taber
May 20 – Wednesday – Brooks
May 21 – Thursday – Strathmore

Locations are being finalized and all will start at 7:00 PM. Keep an eye on our web
calendar for updates.

Please pass along to friends and family that you may have in these areas.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reminder to members and friends,

Wednesday, May 6 we will be holding a Town Hall meeting in Calgary at the Inn on Crowchild. (5353 Crowchild Trail, NW) starting at 7:00 PM. Paul Hinman will be speaking. Feel free to bring family and friends; it is open to the public. Ads will be run for three days on QR77.

May 14 we will be in Lethbridge at the “Lethbridge Lodge”, again a 7 PM start.
May 19 – 21 we have a number of other southern town halls at the planning stage; stay tuned for details.

AGM is on June 5 & 6 (Friday & Saturday)
Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre
253220 Bearspaw Road, NW
Calgary, AB

Registration for the AGM is available online or by calling the office. You must be a member by May 22nd and if you register before that date it is only $60.00. After May 22 registration fee goes up to $100.00.

Lastly the Leadership vote date has been set for October 17, 2009. Details of the entry fee, rules, etc will be available May 26, 2009. So far we have had three serious inquiries for Leadership Packages once they are available.

It is truly an exciting time to be involved with the Wildrose Alliance! ! !

Have a great weekend everyone.