Saturday, July 25, 2009

Executive Impartiality Policy

It is not often that I am unable to answer questions I receive via email or on the phone, but when it comes to this one; "What is your opinion of the leadership candidates?" I do not have a comment.

Myself, along with about seven other people are subject to the "Executive Impartiality Policy". This policy was passed by the board and is available here, on the Party website.

As the race itself goes though, I will say it has been exciting so far. We seem to be garnering more attention than the Liberals did with their recent leadership run and it is still relatively early.

Cut off for nomination is September 1st. The leadership committee is just pounding out the details of Leadership Forums and we anticipate sharing more info on that early next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

“How are things going with the Wildrose?”

I get this question or a variation of it several times a week and I never know where to begin.

Things are going well on so many fronts.

Our leadership candidates are out there promoting us; Paul Hinman is pounding the pavement in Calgary – Glenmore, constituency associations are being formed almost weekly now, our membership has quadrupled since the beginning of the year, we are getting very positive press, our bank account is healthy and so on.

Last weekend we successfully and smoothly moved our website to a new server. This was done as we needed increased capacity. Earlier this week we added a new phone number to accommodate the increase in calls. The new number is 403-769-0999; the old one will still work too. The toll free line remains the same 1-888-262-1888. Later this month we will be welcoming an Office Administrator (this is a new position).

The growth pains have been minimal, despite our President Jeff Callaway, saying I gripe about it; the reality is I absolutely love the increased activity and attention we are receiving.

So, yes, thing are going VERY well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Increasing our capacity

Today we are installing additional phone and fax lines. The phone and our email access will be down for a period of time as we build workstations and reconfigure the wiring.

We will return calls and emails in the order received.

Thank you for your patience.