Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember Guy Boutilier?

August 28, 2009

Remember Guy Boutilier?

For Immediate Release

Calgary-Glenmore residents need to remember what happened to the last PC MLA who tried to speak publically and passionately about the needs of their constituents.

Though Diane Colley-Urquhart’s musings about revisiting the question of health care premiums are surely well intentioned, would Premier Ed Stelmach tolerate such outspokenness from her in the legislature? Particularly when she speaks out against her own government’s policy?

Remember Guy Boutilier? Today Paul Hinman remarked; “Sometimes people at the doors tell me they really like Diane but can’t vote for her because she would get “Boutiliered” and it would send Ed the wrong message” Guy Boutilier is a long serving MLA representing Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, a former cabinet Minister, and mayor of Fort McMurray and now a former Progressive Conservative MLA.

Guy was punted from the PC Caucus for calling out the Premier on a broken promise to build a long term care facility in the constituency of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo. The Premier and Health Minister broke that promise and when confronted publically, the Premier disciplined his PC MLA for speaking up for his constituents.

Calgary-Glenmore constituents could understandably be suspicious whether another PC MLA (there's 70 already) would result in a different course of treatment, and with polls indicating a 12% drop in the likely PC vote, a Wildrose Alliance surge of support, and approximately 25% undecided voters, it seems Calgary Glenmore constituents indeed are gathering behind Paul Hinman and are ready to send Premier Stelmach a message.

Paul Hinman said, “This by-election isn’t about whether Diane Colley-Urquhart would make a good MLA or not, it’s about not wasting the opportunity to send Ed a message. Elected representatives have to be able to openly and publicly represent their constituents and that means they must be able to openly and publically speak out against bad government policy”

Paul Hinman, Wildrose Alliance Interim party leader and candidate in the Calgary-Glenmore by-Election.

For more info contact the Paul Hinman Campaign:
Phone: 403.252.5550
Fax: 403.984-3622

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wildrose Alliance Party has momentum in Calgary Glenmore by-election

Thursday August 27, 2009

For Immediate Release

In a Dycap Research poll commissioned by the Paul Hinman campaign, it has been found that voters in Calgary Glenmore are preparing to send Premier Ed Stelmach a message.

When asked on August 26th “If the upcoming provincial by-election in Calgary Glenmore were held today, which provincial party would you vote for?” 19 % of respondents selected the Wildrose Alliance party, a 7% increase from a poll commissioned in late June.

Conversely, Ed Stelmach’s Progressive Conservative Party dropped 12% in voter preference while the number of voters indicating “Undecided” grew from 18% to 23%.

The growth in support for the Wildrose Alliance Party has been most evident at the doors in Calgary Glenmore.

“Every day I am meeting people who were lifelong supporters of the PC party who are now embracing the Wildrose Alliance Party as the common sense alternative to the Stelmach government” said Paul Hinman. “A common message I am hearing while at the doors is people saying “I am not abandoning the PC party, the PC party with Ed at the helm has abandoned me.”.”

With weeks left in the campaign it is clear that voters are ready to Send Ed a Message on voting day Monday, September 14th.

For more info contact the Paul Hinman Campaign:

Phone: 403.252.5550
Fax: 403.984.3622

Notes from Paul Hinman Calgary Glenmore Campaign

I have recieved the following from Paul's volunteer coordinator.

We are pleased to announce that we have settled into our new campaign office at 208, 8408 Elbow Dr. SW; on the southeast corner of Elbow Drive and Heritage Drive. There is underground parking and additional parking across the street. Feel free to drop by for a visit.

Our literature drop last Saturday was a great success, so great in fact that we have decided to distribute another piece and do it all over again this Saturday, August 29th at the office starting at 10 AM.

The campaign has been going very well thanks to the great effort of many volunteers. I hope you will join our team and I look forward to you joining our team!

We have been very busy and could use additional volunteers for the following tasks:

- Outbound calling, various shifts from 1 PM to 9 PM

- Reception (incoming calls), evenings and Saturdays.

- Sign placement, best to have a vehicle for this task.

If you can help in any of these areas call me at 403-252-5550 or simply drop by the office.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8 AM to 10 AM Paul will be in attendance. Let's put our best effort forward to "send Ed a message"!!!

~Julie Huston

Volunteer Coordinator

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paul Hinman, Calgary Glenmore Kick-off a HUGE success.

It was a beautiful day in Calgary; perfect for the first large volunteer effort on Paul Hinmans campaign. We met at 10:00 AM and the workers were eager to go. We managed to snap this picture of the first 35 volunteers.

By 10:15 they had their packages and spread out like busy ants throughout the constituency. CTV stopped by to do a quick interview with Paul and then he was on his way too.

By 11:00 AM we had late arrivals signed in, along with another half dozen from each the Mark Dyrholm and Danielle Smith campaigns. Bringing our confirmed number to 55!!

With so many hands we covered all the targeted areas without having to over work any of your dedicated members. We reconvened at the Boston Pizza at Southland Drive and 24 St.SW.

The management welcomed us with great hospitality and the staff did an amazing job creating a vast selection of their finest pizzas. The food was delicious and was perfect for those who had worked up an appetite.

All in all, it was a great day, it went smoothly, we accomplished our goal; it was a HUGE success.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out.

In the coming days I will be posting an invite to visit at our campaign headquarters. For more information you can also visit Pauls website.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Calgary - Glenmore kick off and flyer drop

It has been a busy first week down at Paul Hinman's (temporary) campaign office. They have now located a location in the constituency for the duration of the campaign. I will keep you posted once everyone is settled in, then you can drop by to say HI.

Meanwhile I must say a huge thank you to the sign crew. These volunteers have been run off their feet this week. The sign requests have been coming in fast and furious since Monday, so much so that our six man crew called in extra recruits today. Today we also took delivery of another 400 lawn signs and more of other two sizes as well.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd we will be having a kick off and doing flyer drop.

"Sending Ed Stelmach a message; one mailbox at a time."

We will be meeting on the south side of the Coop parking
lot on Southland Drive and 24 St. SW at 10:00 AM.

Just look for the campaign truck.

It looks like it will be a great sunny day to be out in the beautiful communities in Calgary - Glenmore. We will have water on hand to keep you refreshed and one of our leadership candidates has also confirmed they will attend.

Feel free to show up tomorrow or if you would like to help a later date, send an email to

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paul Hinman Calgary-Glenmore by-election campaign

Just a quick note to list some contact info for Paul's campaign.

Campaign office phone # 403-252-5550


Fax: 403-252-7750

Mailing address:
Paul Hinman Campaign
Box 72129
Glenmore Landing, SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5H9



To volunteer, contribute or to obtain a lawn sign, you can contact his team through the campaign website or contact us at head office.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Calgary - Glenmore by-election; Send Ed a Message

August 17, 2009

Send Ed A Message!

For Immediate Release

Interim Leader Paul Hinman of the Wildrose Alliance is running for the Calgary Glenmore bye-election set for September 14, 2009. The Party views this as a chance for Calgarians to Send Ed a Message that they are unhappy with Premier Stelmach's mismanagement of the Alberta economy, multi-billion dollar deficits, bungled centralization and delivery of health care, and muzzled MLA's who are not allowed to speak up for their constituents.

Paul Hinman commented, "I've been knocking on doors and attending events in Calgary Glenmore since the spring and it has been great connecting with old friends as this was where I grew up. What I'm hearing is a lot of discontent over economic mismanagement leading to multi-billion deficits. People are upset with the wait times for health care and the centralization of power and decision making with the Super Board. At the doors, constituents have expressed their concern with Ed's heavy hand threatening disciplinary action on health care workers and MLA's if they speak out about concerns to the public or media. There’s an appetite for change and I firmly believe the Wildrose Alliance can bring back the Alberta Advantage with our positive agenda!"

The Wildrose Alliance has been engaging Albertans to help shape the future of the Province. The party has held town halls and community meetings across the Province to hear what Albertans have to say, focused the policy base, and is currently engaged in a Leadership race to determine the new Leader of the Party. The party has gained several thousand new members this year and established numerous new Constituency Associations.


Paul Hinman
Interim Leader
Wildrose Alliance

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Deer added to list of forums.

A fifth and final Wildrose Leadership candidates forum has been added.

Capri Hotel & Conference Centre

3310 - 50 Ave.

Red Deer

September 23

7:30 PM start.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leadership Candidates, Debates & Voting Procedure

This news release will be going out later today.

Wildrose Alliance Announces Leadership Candidate Jeff Willerton Joins Race and Leadership Debate Schedule

For Immediate Release

The Wildrose Alliance announces that Jeff Willerton is an Official Candidate for the Leadership of the Party. The Party is very pleased to have three candidates bring a diverse range of experience and talent to the race and look forward to their contributions toward building the Party and bringing back the Alberta Advantage.

Information and contact for their campaigns can be found at the following:

Mark Dyrholm:
Phone: 403-203-3456
Fax: 403-273-2940

Danielle Smith:
Phone: 403-256-0444

Jeff Willerton:
Phone: 403-875-1619

The deadline for fulfilling Leadership Candidacy requirements is September 1.

Debate Schedule:

There are four Leadership debates scheduled and follow up on the 12 Townhalls the Party held this spring to engage and listen to Albertan’s concerns.

September 8, 7:30pm,

Grande Prairie Inn,
11633 - 100 Street
Grande Prairie
Phone: 780-532-5221

September 10, 7:30pm,

Four Points Sheraton,
7230 Argyll Road
Phone: 780-465-7931

September 15, 7:30pm,

Balog Cow Palace,
Just south of highway #4 on the east side of Lethbridge
Phone: 403-320-1980

September 16, 7:30pm,

Blackfoot Inn,
5940 Blackfoot Trail SE
Phone: 1-800-661-1151

Leadership Convention:

October 17, beginning at 9:00 am,

Holiday Inn and Convention Center,
4520-76 Ave

Phone: 780-468-5400

Voting Procedure:

In order to vote, a person must be a member in good standing as of October 3rd, 2009. Members may vote either by attending the Leadership Convention in Edmonton on October 17th, or by mail-in ballot. The vote will be done as follows:

If there is no clear majority on the first ballot, the nominee with the lowest share of the vote will be dropped. The ballots of members attending the convention will be set aside, and they will be permitted to cast new ballots in each round. This will continue until a majority is achieved.

Members using mail-in ballots will be asked to rank the candidates in order of preference. Mail-in ballots first choice will be used in each ballot (1st, 2nd.etc) until their first choice candidate is eliminated, and the same with their 2nd choice, and so on, if necessary. This process will continue until a majority is achieved.

Members who attend the Convention must exchange their mail-in ballot for a convention ballot at the venue. Members whose mail-in ballot has been received for counting will NOT be permitted to vote at the convention.

For further information, please contact:
John Hilton-O’Brien
Leadership Committee, Chair